How can we help? 👋

What is The Wheelhouse?

The Wheelhouse is our home for the fundraising of wheelchairs to be collected, refurbished, sent and delivered to those without the gift of mobility.

Is mobility a global problem?

YES. 70 million people live without the gift of mobility. And only 10% of them have access to the most basic of resources to help them make their way to school, to a friend’s house or even to the bathroom.


How does the wheelhouse work?

You turn your workouts into fundraisers. Much like a runner trains and dedicates his/her training regimen to raise funds for, say cancer awareness, you can turn your leg workout, your cycling training, your 5K training schedule into fundraisers for wheelchairs. All you do is click on The Wheelhouse, start a fundraiser, share your link with friends and family, and then train.


Where do the wheelchairs go?

Internationally, we are fundraising for our friends in Brazil through Joni & Friends. Locally, we accept requests on a case-by-case basis and fundraise per child in need.


Can I simply donate to the wheelhouse without starting a fundraiser?

YES. You don’t have to launch a fundraiser for The Wheelhouse, but you can simply click DONATE and choose either the monthly option (most powerful) or the one-time option (very important.)