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What is Respite Place?

Respite Place is our home for the fundraising for respite care for parents and caregivers of those impacted by special needs.

What is respite?

Respite simply means rest.Β  Caring for a child with disabilities is a staggering undertaking for single parents, couples, churches and groups around the country.


How does Respite Place work?

You turn your workouts into fundraisers. Much like a runner trains and dedicates his/her training regimen to raise funds for, say cancer awareness, you can turn your leg workout, your cycling training, your 5K training schedule into fundraisers for respite. All you do is click on Respite Place, start a fundraiser, share your link with friends and family, and then train.


Who benefits from respite?

The kids themselves benefit from respite, as they get to hang out and have fun with dedicated and trained volunteers, but the caregivers and parents get to relax or go shopping or do whatever it is they need to do for a few hours.


Can I simply donate to Respite Place without starting a fundraiser?

YES. You don’t have to launch a fundraiser for Respite Place, but you can simply click DONATE and choose either the monthly option (most powerful) or the one-time option (very important.)