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Introducing the Donor Portal

Manage your donation and fundraisers all from a single dashboard.

If you have signed up for the PrayFit Run 2023, you will still need to create an account over at in order to donate and fundraise. PrayFit leverages state of the art donation tools that are not available to Active Works events.

What is the Donor Portal?

The Donor Portal is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your entire donation and fundraising details. Everything from payment methods to fundraiser details. You will need an account setup already in order to access the donor portal. Donate or fundraise to get started.


Access the Donor Portal


Donor Portal Capabilities

Once you're in the Donor Portal, you'll be able to view your donation history, update your contact information, manage your recurring donations, and more. You can also access fundraising details if you're a fundraiser for the organization.


If you have any issues accessing the Donor Portal or need assistance with your account, contact for help.


Happy donating and fundraising!